When I booked my (one-way) flight to Costa Rica from New York City back in April 2016 for my August trip, I didn’t envisage that my journey that would be so friggin’ long and expensive – but also so very, very Snapchat-worthy (holler – @girlunfurled). But whilst flying to Costa Rica wasn’t the smoothest trip I’ve ever taken, it was probably one of the most entertaining, as it involved;

1. A surprise stop-off in El Salvador (ok, whilst technically not a surprise in that the details were ON my flight plan – I just failed to look at my ticket properly. But still, I was spooked when I touched down in a country that I hadn’t mentally prepared to set foot in).

2 Paying over £300 for a return flight because I didn’t plan anything properly.

3. A sunset flight in a tiny, rickety pilot’s plane across Costa Rica.

If none of that really appeals to you then don’t do what I did. 

Flying to costa Rica
View from my mini plane