I’m not quite over my Central American experience. As in, I’m currently thirsting for more. I flew to Costa Rica from the States in August 2016 to do the whole digital nomad thing, which is basically combining travel and work, when your work is digital and can be done from laptop.

You know that awkward part of the day when you’re backpacking but you’ve hit a brick wall? You’ve been kayaking or cave-exploring or iguana-spotting but it’s not quite dinner time, so you can’t really justify going out for fish and chips, Mexican style. You want to start drinking, but you’re too hungover and sun-stroked from earlier, so you consider napping,  only, there are 64 other people in your room, rummaging around in their lockers, making it sound like there’s a live steel drum band in your room. Defeated, you return to your hammock, feeling guilty for not doing more but also wondering: why the hell am I so tired?

Yeah, that part of the day, from around 4-8pm,  I filled with working.