For years, Morocco has held this weird allure for me. And Fez, Morocco even more so.

There’s something about the North African country with its middle-eastern vibe, French influences, mix of Muslim traditions and Spanish music that’s really captivating.  And I’m obsessed with places that are beautifully blended with contrasting cultures — like Fez.

That, and the Ryanair flights to Fez were £55 return. (I kid you not, they had the sale to end all sales in May 2015 and if you’re UK based, you should check the site regularly for cheap deals).

But if you’re looking for a cheap city break with a difference, Fez is full of surprises. Situated 240 miles north of its big-sister-city, Marrakech, Fez is a medieval and magical place where you can live like a Queen and still come back with change.

Here’s everything you should know before you make Fez, Morocco your next city break…

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