About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!

I’m Georgina. I’m 24 and I’m a writer, traveller, good eyebrow enthusiast (when they receive due care), a feminist and lots of other things besides. (You’ll probably just learn more about me if you read all my posts – like, every single one).

This blog is  my way of adding to, or opening up an online discussion on race relations and exploring my own mixed identity, by using travel as a catalyst.

My backstory

I’ve always had a travel bug (when I first started earning my own money the first thing I saved up for was a holiday to Kavos, Greece – lol) but these past two years have led me living and working remotely around the world for the past year.

It’s partially because I’ve had some strange things happen to me. After being raised by two loving (white) parents, my Dad passed away. Then I found out I was never related to him in the first place. For a series of complex reasons, I grew up very  confused about my own identity. And so I decided that travel would be the best way to shape my own story.

I left London in May 2016 (I’m now back and writing from London) and did some amazing things like:

-Living in New York City,
-Writing about race whilst living in the Caribbean
-Working at a hostel in Costa Rica,
-Learning Spanish at a home-stay in Nicaragua
-Passing as a Cubana in Cuba
…and exploring Mexico, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other places too.


Why I travel

Travel to me, is a way of figuring  out more about my personal identity by immersing myself in other cultures and ways of living. As societal stereotypes around black and mixed identity continue to be defined for us instead of with us, travel becomes an important tool that can help us take control of our own narratives. And I take great pride in redefining the traditional definition of an “English traveller” as I move around 🙂

What I write about

I document the ways in which travel and identity intersect, on this blog and for other outlets. I write honestly about my experiences and my quest for deeper travel experiences. I like to travel slow, write about the changing ways in which I’m perceived in different spaces and in doing so, I hope this helps others learn more about themselves and their place in the world – whatever their background. I also offer tips on how to live and work remotely, too and share my travel tips, essays and stories.

Here’s to my journey of self-discovery… please subscribe and follow along!

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